And the Winners of the Swept Away Blog Hop Are…

Thanks to every one who visited the Tavern during the Swept Away Blog Hop. The winners of the prizes I listed are…

The Blog Hop Spot

The Blog Hop Spot

Starburst by Imogene Nix goes to anasnotes







Star of the Fleet by Imogene Nix goes to Beckey






and the necklace set from Khloe Wren goes to Lady Vampire. 






I believe Imogene has already sent out the books. Lady Vampire, if you’ll email me your address at with your address I’ll get your necklace mailed out as soon as possible.

On another note, I had planned on doing another post for the blog hop with a give away of my book Falling Star and a $10 Amazon gift card; however due to real life interruptions I was unable to get it ready and up in time. So I will be posting the last part of “Approaching ‘Journeys End'” this Friday with those give aways. Be sure to check back and see what else my mystery lady left behind.

Dùrachdan (Sincerely),



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