Who Needs to Travel for Real, When You Can Do So by Imagination in Writing and Books!

By Sapphire Phelan

Reading is like traveling. You never know where you might go or end up. It’s all about the adventure.


Same goes for writing. Even those who stick strictly to a synopsis may have to use a detour when a writer’s block or even their own characters put up a detour sign, so to speak. There are no possible pluses in writing, just like life or driving down a highway. Sometimes you just have to take chances.


Which has happened to me in both writing and reading. But I learn something new and find things out I wouldn’t have if I’d been rigid.


My characters insist sometimes that what I thought was the right, sure way, isn’t always the case. That maybe I need to turn left or right, and head down a strange alleyway in my mind. I always get surprised with something my muse and my characters kept from me as the story enfolds in my head like a movie.  But then, even muses need to keep their secrets. At least, until the muse reveals them.


So whether a writer or just a reader, you don’t have to actually get in a car, plane, train or a ship and go somewhere. Working on works in progress or delving into a book/eBook can have your imagination journey to places, lands and worlds, all from a chair.  From pages of a book or an ereader, or words typed on your computer or tablet, or even ink flowing from a pen onto paper. It all comes from the mind, from the muse of imagination lay sleeping inside, until awaken.books


I’m just glad the voices in my head clamor. If they ever fell silent, I’ll never get to go anywhere. And honestly, that would be sad.


Writers, where have you traveled to in your WIPs? Readers, what books flew you to worlds you could never have imagined?


A blurb from The Witch And The Familiar where I traveled from a small town down to the depths of Hell and the realms of magic.

TheWitchandtheFamiliar Better

Mortal woman Tina discovers she is part of a prophesy that says she and Charun, her demon Familiar, must make love so she can become the witch she is fated to be. If she doesn’t do it and stop the demon army bringing Armageddon to the Mortal Realm on Halloween, she won’t stand a chance in Hell.

A year later, just when Tina and Charun thought it was all over and that their life would be normal—another prophesy pops up. If Lucifer snatches Tina and mates with her before the last chime before midnight of the new year and gets her pregnant with his son, that the real Armageddon would begin, spelling the end of life as they knew it. This time they get help from an archangel, Jacokb, but with demons, Lucifer, and a cute demon bunny with fangs out of a Monty Python nightmare, out to stop them and Heaven not lending a hand, will Tina this time lose the battle and become the mother of the Antichrist and the start of a new Hell on Earth?


Find The Witch And The Familiar at Phaze Books , BarnesandNoble.com and at  Amazon too.   For those in Uk, can find it at AmazonUK .


About Sapphire Phelan:

Sapphire Phelan has published erotic and sweet paranormal/fantasy/science fiction romance along with a couple of erotic horror stories. Her erotic urban fantasy, Being Familiar With a Witch is a Prism 2010 Awards winner and a Epic Awards 2010 finalist. The sequel to it is A Familiar Tangle With Hell, released June 2011 from Phaze Books, Both eBooks were combined into one print book, The Witch and the Familiar, and released April 24, 2012.

She admits she can always be found at her desk and on her computer, writing. And yes, the house, husband, and even the cats sometimes suffer for it!

Find out more about Sapphire Phelan at http://www.SapphirePhelan.com. Also like her Facebook, check out her Blog, and subscribe to her Newsletter .



Livvy Plays Matchmaker Part II

*rushes into tavern* Shit, are they here yet?  *Livvy looks around wildly*Livvy

“Who are you looking for, Lass?”  *Lucien, the resident muse, pushed away from the bar*

*hands on hips* You know exactly who I’m looking for.  Did Analise show back up here? Her Doms are on the way over and…. *stomps foot* I can’t believe you let that Russian Dom take off with her.  They are gonna kill me.

“I dinnae let him take off with her, he whisked her out the door before I could stop him.  Not that I saw much protesting from the lass.” *Folds his arms over his chest* “Are ye sure she’s meant for a pair of Doms?”

*shrugs* A pair of them? Nope.  It’s a one Dom and one submissive…

*rubs hands over face* “Shit, Nikolai is gonna be pissed when he finds out he kidnapped a switch.”

*giggles* Oh, she’s not the switch. That would be…

“Me.”  *With his blond curls rumpled, a disgruntled Grim walks into the pub* “Where’s our lady at, Livvy?”  *clenches fists*

“Yes, that’s what I’d like to know as well. She was supposed to show up at our place for dinner and never showed.”  *A dark haired Liam steps close to Livvy, hovering over her.* “And something tells me you had something to do with it, Muse.”

*Plasters a fake smile on face* Hey guys. I haven’t done anything with Analise, but thanks for coming by to celebrate the release of Gabriel’s Light. It’s always good to see the rest of the cast coming out to support one of the books.

“Ooooo, who are these strapping lads, Mistress Livvy?”  *Seraphina steps up to the bar*

Let me introduce these two hunky men.  The tall slender blond is Grim Harken, he’s the switch in Dakota’s current serial story, Analise’s Journey.  It’s set in the Doms of Chicago world.  And tall, dark, and grumpy is Liam Krepsig, he’s the Dom of the book, and for some reason thinks he should have everything he wants…

*coos* “Does that include willing serving wenches?”  *Bats eyes at Liam*

*slow smile crosses Liam’s face* “That depends how well the serving wench behaves.”

“Well, that leaves you out, Seraphina. Ye are too bossy for any man.”  *Lucien chuckles* “Ye’ll have to settle for being the Mistress to the Bruce.”

“And you’re an ass.  I should leave you to the tender mercies of these men, but instead I think the Bruce is a more appropriate punishment.”  *slams down two tankards of ale for the men* “And none for you Mistress Livvy.”


“Bloody hell, Lass call this blasted dog off!”  *rustling sound as The Bruce pounces on Lucien, attacking his pant leg*

*blows Lucien a kiss* “Hell will freeze over first.”  *flounces off, leaving the Bruce, a small dachshund nipping at the leg of one of Lucian’s rare leather pants.

So boys, let’s get this show on the road. Who wants to introduce Gabriel’s Light? *crickets* Ah…okay I guess I will…this story is about Gabriel Poulanos. He meets his first sub several years ago, but a tragic accident takes Sara from him…then…

GabrielsLight_thumbnail*Liam wraps a hand around Livvy’s upper arm* “Then you’re going to tell us what you’ve done with Analise, Muse.”

*Eyes widened* I’m sure she’s around here somewhere. But first let me finish this introduction to Gabriel’s Light.  You readers can go HERE to check out the blurb and the excerpt.

*Grim crowded the other side of Livvy* “And now you’re going to cough up our heroine. We haven’t worked through our issues only to have you throw a monkey wrench into our lives by doing something to Analise.”

*Lucien, now free of The Bruce pries in* “Now, I can’t have ye roughing up the lass. It’s partly my fault that she’s disappeared. If I hadn’t invited Nikolai over, she’d have come home two nights ago….”

*Liam bristled* “And who exactly is this Nikolai?”

*shrugs shoulders* “He’s one of the character’s from me Mistress’s Branded series. He’s the Dom and owner of Headonistic Tranquility…”

*Grim growls, glaring at Livvy* “You let our Analise go off with some Dom…”

“Excuse me? Last I checked I wasn’t anyone’s property.”

*Livvy stares in fascination as the spitting mad Analise enters the room* Ani!  You came back. Now your Doms can’t kill me for introducing you to Nikolai…

“Where the hell have you been, piccola?”  *Liam moves towards Analise*

“None of your damn business. You don’t own me Liam. Nor does Grim.”  *crosses arms over breasts and glares at Livvy.* “I don’t care what you say, Muse, these morons aren’t going to be my Doms, if they are gonna act like this.”  *storms out of the tavern, followed by Liam and Grim.*

*rubs hand over face* Ah, hell Dakota is gonna kill me.* shoots Lucien an apologetic look* Give Shay my love, this box of chocolate covered cherries…*tosses box at him* …and do me a favor. Finish off this stop for me. I have a mutiny to quester before my slave gets back. *rushes out the door after the arguing threesome.*

*Lucien rubs the back of his neck, before shaking his head* “I’m gonna have words with my Mistress. This is not how this was supposed to go.”  *sighs* “Okay, the prize for this stop is the complete set of Analise’s Journey.  At the moment Dakota has only five episodes out but one lucky winner will receive a free copy of not only the first five episodes but each episode thereafter as they come out.   Of course as usual yer entry will also enter ye into the grand prize of this basket *points at picture of basket* It’s full of lotion, massage oil, candles, a pinwheel and even a scarf.  Oh, yeah and it will also have a signed print copy of Gabriel’s Light in it as well.”


*Seraphina appears at his elbow* “Don’t forget to mention where Livvy will be tomorrow, Lucien.”

“In hell hopefully.”  *growls before stomping off with box of chocolates.*

*giggles at retreating Lucien, before turning to readers* “Well once more we survived the whirlwind called Livvy and…” *leans in*  “…something tells me she’s going to have a surprise tomorrow when she arrives at A Little Bit of Naughty.  Rumor has it, all the characters are going to be showing their faces at Dakota’s blog. Something tells me that this might not bode well for a certain Muse.”

“Seraphina! Come get this blasted dog! He just pissed on my favorite kilt!”  *Lucien’s voice echoes through the tavern*

“Never a dull moment.”  *scurries to the back*

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Livvy Plays Matchmaker

Livvy*pushes open heavy door* Who-eee, this is some place. *gazes around the interior* A huge fireplace, wooden tables, highly polished bar, torches hanging from the ceiling, and…*moves closer to the Chesterfeild chair* ooooo…love all this leather. Reminds me in a way of Olivia’s club. *sits down, draping legs over one arm* Wonder where the spanking benches and St. Andrew Crosses are hidden at?


*muse looks up*  Ohhh look at the puppy! *smiles at the advancing dachshund* You’re just a pretty boy aren’t you? *rubs hand over dog’s head*

“Dinnae be lettin’ him into my chair.”

*turns at the thick Scottish accent from behind her as the red haired dachshund crawls onto her lap* What this baby? He’s darling.

“He is not.”  *voice like gravel* “He’s a menace.”

“Now you leave The Bruce alone, Lucien.  He’s precious.”   *Seraphina arrives with tankard of ale, dressed in a serving wench’s attire.* “This is for you, Miss Livvy – on the house.  I hear the characters have been running you ragged on this tour.”

Oooh, always wanted to try some of this. *takes tankard and downs it in three long gulps* Damn that’s good.  Just what I needed and they have.  But once my slave…I mean Dakota told me I was getting to come here, I put on a smiling face and dealt with so I could come pester Lucien.  *eyes Lucien who’s still standing in the shadows*

“He needs a good pestering and the Bruce agrees with me. It’s his job to keep him in line at least according to Shay.” *Seraphina winks at Livvy* “I’ll be right back with another.”

“I dinnae care what Shay says. He’s not a wolfhound, Seraphina.  And no dog alive has ever kept me in line…” *Lucien glowers at Seraphina’s retreating back.* “Incorrigible wench.  So I hear we’re supposed to be talking about Dakota’s new book?”

*Livvy nods, licking her lips as Lucien steps into the light* Oooooo, you’re wearing a kilt. Can I peek? I’ve always wanted to know what a true Scotsman wears under his kilt.

*confused look crosses Lucien’s face* “Ah….”

“Don’t even think about it, Lucien, Shay would be scandalized to know you were showing off your manly bits to strange muses.” *Seraphina arrives with two more tankards* “And I want to hear about this book. Shay has given me little tidbits about it. Something about sensation play?”

*giggles* Yep there’s plenty of sensation play. Master Gabriel loves it and so does Zhenya. *leans forward* But you know I’ve repeated this blurb thing over and over during the tour, so the readers can go HERE to check it out.  I’m much more interested in talking about the newest addition to Dakota’s world, her serial story, Analise’s Journey.  In fact, I’ve managed to convince the heroine and her bff to show up today. I figure it’s appropriate considering that Lena knows all the characters, and Analise just meet Gabriel…


“Did anyone ever tell you, lass, that yer a bit ADD?” *Lucien frowns at Muse*

*laughs outright* Of course. It’s my best quality.  Almost better than convincing my author that this grand prize package of Gabriel’s toy basket was a good idea…

“Did someone say toy basket?”  *a new Russian accented-voice came from behind Lucian.*

Yep. It has lotions, massage oil, candles for wax play, a scarf to restrain or blindfold with and even a pinwheel.  *Livvy stands, sending the Bruce to the floor* grandprize

YAP YAP YAP *the Bruce jumps on the new man*

“Damn it, Lucien don’t you have any control over this beast?”

“Not particularly.”

Lucien, who’s this hunk of man? *places hand on man’s chest*

“Nikolai Stavros – he’s the owner of Headonistic Tranquility and one of its resident Doms…”

Really? *brightens* Then your perfect. I have just the gal for you to meet, she’s exploring the lifestyle and should be here any minute…

*tinkle tinkle*

“I think this is the place, girl.”  *snow covered petite blonde named Lena steps into the tavern.* “I can’t believe Dakota okayed this but I’m all for a night out without the guys.”

“Me too. Frustrating men.”  *Dark-haired and svelte, Analise unbuttons her jacket revealing a dark leggings and peasant top*

And there she is. *waves hand* Analise, over here. I have a guy for you to meet.  He can probably answer your questions about the lifestyle…not to mention he’s sexier than hell with his close trimmed beard and rippling abs.

*Lucien groans, and Seraphina giggles at the muse’s antics* “This is not going to be good, wench.  I blame this on youse. Ye shouldn’t have given her that ale.”

*Seraphina places a hand on her hip* “I will not be blamed for this, Lucien. You were the one who invited Nikolai over tonight.”

*watches as Livvy introduces Analise and Lena to the other man* “But I wasn’t expecting the lass to set up one of her characters with one of mine. Damnation, we’re supposed to be talking about that book, not playing matchmaker.”

*grins at Lucien* “And isn’t Analise book being written right now? If I recall correctly, Shay mentioned that Analise’s Doms are supposed to be here in couple of days.  What are you gonna tell them when they find out Nikolai has run off with their woman?”

*curses soundly* “Like hell. I’ll not be telling them shit.  I’m putting a stop to this….” *stomps off after group who’ve disappeared upstairs with the Bruce yapping at his heels*

*sighs longingly*  “Sorry folks, since Lucien seems to have his hands full, it’s left to me to give you the rest of the information, Shay passed onto me.   Dakota is being a wonderful author and giving away the first four episodes of her serial tale, Analise’s Journey to one lucky commenter…and don’t forget your entry below with your email address will also enter you in the grand prize drawing as well.”


*stares up at the ceiling* “Oh that can’t be good.  I’ve got to go but be sure to check out Livvy’s next stop at Melissa MacKinnons.”  *runs for the stairs*

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Georgiana Louis Takes on Her First ARRA

Thank you so much for having me in the Tavern.

I’ve always wanted to meet Lucien, and feel that bit closer to the gorgeous Scotsman here.

all photos sept 2011 282

I can see a bar stool. When I slide onto it, a bartender appears and asks me how my weekend was… well… I had the best weekend EVER!

I went to my first ARRA conference as Georgiana Louis.

For those of you who don’t know ARRA stands for Australian Romance Readers Association, but of course, most of us are readers and authors.

I LOVED it! Being in a room with so many like-minded people was both satisfying and made me feel more sane.


The conference was a combination of workshops, key note speakers and signings/get to know the author time.

I got to meet the some of the fantastic authors I have been interacting with on face book for six months, promote my upcoming releases to some readers and talk to Publishers.


Being a romance author is something I have hid for years, both my love for reading the genre and my writing of it.

Though I have ‘come out’ since I began to get contracts for my work, I still LOVED being in a room with so many people who love writing romance as much, if not more, than I do.


The conference also opened my mind to just how many types of romance there are out there.

I have been very narrow with my romance selections.

Mills and boon led into Eloisa James, Diana Gabaldon, Sabrina Jeffries and Julia Quinn.

Then I joined and met a lot of romance writers on facebook who opened my eyes to the fantasy, sci fi, erotic side of things.

But this conference REALLY opened my eyes to the fantasy side of romance and the YA group.

I already write about 2000 words a day on average and despite being at the conference- I HAND wrote (laptop had no battery) more than 7000

words over the weekend. Inspired to finish old, start new and perhaps venture back into the world of fantasy which I had tried and failed in initially.


I have a release coming out soon. April is now the projected date.

It’s called The Reluctant Duke and is the first in a series of four.

I wrote it more than 18 months ago and am SUPER excited about finally seeing it published.

It is a Regency historical sensual romance… but seeing as this is a slightly hotter blog… I will share a hotter excerpt.



“Oh, Colin,” Annabelle reached out her hand to touch his shoulder, consoling him with the touch he had never had.

With a frustrated roar Colin grabbed her and spun, pinning her up against the wall.

“You will never know how much I burn for you, only you.”

“Show me,” she whispered recklessly placing her hands on his warm chest.

Colin moaned and swooped down for a ferocious kiss, plundering her warm and willing mouth with his tongue, all restraint gone. His hands curved around her slight body, one hand going to her breast to knead and stroke the flesh there. The other hand going to her rounded bottom so that he could pull her snugly into him. She fitted perfectly. She was soft and fire all in one package.

Annabelle threw her arms around his neck and held on. Colin felt her capitulation and renewed his assault. His hands came up to unfasten her bodice and soon he had a plump breast free.

“Colin, you shouldn’t…are you sure…”

Colin chuckled happily in his throat, she was enjoying this, he could tell. He dipped his head and licked her pale pink nipple, then bending her over his arm he sucked it deeply into his mouth. Annabelle shrieked and Colin looked up to tell her gently, “Shhh,” before resuming his onslaught on her breast.

She tasted like heaven itself. Sweet, pure and perfect. How would her very centre taste?

He was planning his next move, namely pulling up her skirt so he could touch her thighs when a loud Scottish voice said “I think I saw them come through here.”

That was all the warning Colin got before the door swung open and he was confronted with his sister in law, John Dunford and the man who wanted to marry the woman in his arms.



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