Georgiana Louis Takes on Her First ARRA

Thank you so much for having me in the Tavern.

I’ve always wanted to meet Lucien, and feel that bit closer to the gorgeous Scotsman here.

all photos sept 2011 282

I can see a bar stool. When I slide onto it, a bartender appears and asks me how my weekend was… well… I had the best weekend EVER!

I went to my first ARRA conference as Georgiana Louis.

For those of you who don’t know ARRA stands for Australian Romance Readers Association, but of course, most of us are readers and authors.

I LOVED it! Being in a room with so many like-minded people was both satisfying and made me feel more sane.


The conference was a combination of workshops, key note speakers and signings/get to know the author time.

I got to meet the some of the fantastic authors I have been interacting with on face book for six months, promote my upcoming releases to some readers and talk to Publishers.


Being a romance author is something I have hid for years, both my love for reading the genre and my writing of it.

Though I have ‘come out’ since I began to get contracts for my work, I still LOVED being in a room with so many people who love writing romance as much, if not more, than I do.


The conference also opened my mind to just how many types of romance there are out there.

I have been very narrow with my romance selections.

Mills and boon led into Eloisa James, Diana Gabaldon, Sabrina Jeffries and Julia Quinn.

Then I joined and met a lot of romance writers on facebook who opened my eyes to the fantasy, sci fi, erotic side of things.

But this conference REALLY opened my eyes to the fantasy side of romance and the YA group.

I already write about 2000 words a day on average and despite being at the conference- I HAND wrote (laptop had no battery) more than 7000

words over the weekend. Inspired to finish old, start new and perhaps venture back into the world of fantasy which I had tried and failed in initially.


I have a release coming out soon. April is now the projected date.

It’s called The Reluctant Duke and is the first in a series of four.

I wrote it more than 18 months ago and am SUPER excited about finally seeing it published.

It is a Regency historical sensual romance… but seeing as this is a slightly hotter blog… I will share a hotter excerpt.



“Oh, Colin,” Annabelle reached out her hand to touch his shoulder, consoling him with the touch he had never had.

With a frustrated roar Colin grabbed her and spun, pinning her up against the wall.

“You will never know how much I burn for you, only you.”

“Show me,” she whispered recklessly placing her hands on his warm chest.

Colin moaned and swooped down for a ferocious kiss, plundering her warm and willing mouth with his tongue, all restraint gone. His hands curved around her slight body, one hand going to her breast to knead and stroke the flesh there. The other hand going to her rounded bottom so that he could pull her snugly into him. She fitted perfectly. She was soft and fire all in one package.

Annabelle threw her arms around his neck and held on. Colin felt her capitulation and renewed his assault. His hands came up to unfasten her bodice and soon he had a plump breast free.

“Colin, you shouldn’t…are you sure…”

Colin chuckled happily in his throat, she was enjoying this, he could tell. He dipped his head and licked her pale pink nipple, then bending her over his arm he sucked it deeply into his mouth. Annabelle shrieked and Colin looked up to tell her gently, “Shhh,” before resuming his onslaught on her breast.

She tasted like heaven itself. Sweet, pure and perfect. How would her very centre taste?

He was planning his next move, namely pulling up her skirt so he could touch her thighs when a loud Scottish voice said “I think I saw them come through here.”

That was all the warning Colin got before the door swung open and he was confronted with his sister in law, John Dunford and the man who wanted to marry the woman in his arms.



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3 comments on “Georgiana Louis Takes on Her First ARRA

  1. Natasha Devereux says:

    Interestingggg!!!!! What a way to be caught out! Another for my TBR pile Georgiana. I am going to be in the poorhouse with all the books I am buying. LOL

  2. katebellex says:

    Hi Georgina (I can’t think of your gorgeous face by any other name you know!) it was lovely to meet you and even lovelier to get a taste of your writing. 7000 words! You are a gun!
    Good luck with releasing the Duke upon the world.

  3. donnag63 says:

    Hi Georgina,
    Great excerpt and I agree ARRA was a wonderful experience. It was lovely meeting you. Good luck with your release. Tell me is Lucien as sexy as he sounds? 😉

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