Livvy Plays Matchmaker

Livvy*pushes open heavy door* Who-eee, this is some place. *gazes around the interior* A huge fireplace, wooden tables, highly polished bar, torches hanging from the ceiling, and…*moves closer to the Chesterfeild chair* ooooo…love all this leather. Reminds me in a way of Olivia’s club. *sits down, draping legs over one arm* Wonder where the spanking benches and St. Andrew Crosses are hidden at?


*muse looks up*  Ohhh look at the puppy! *smiles at the advancing dachshund* You’re just a pretty boy aren’t you? *rubs hand over dog’s head*

“Dinnae be lettin’ him into my chair.”

*turns at the thick Scottish accent from behind her as the red haired dachshund crawls onto her lap* What this baby? He’s darling.

“He is not.”  *voice like gravel* “He’s a menace.”

“Now you leave The Bruce alone, Lucien.  He’s precious.”   *Seraphina arrives with tankard of ale, dressed in a serving wench’s attire.* “This is for you, Miss Livvy – on the house.  I hear the characters have been running you ragged on this tour.”

Oooh, always wanted to try some of this. *takes tankard and downs it in three long gulps* Damn that’s good.  Just what I needed and they have.  But once my slave…I mean Dakota told me I was getting to come here, I put on a smiling face and dealt with so I could come pester Lucien.  *eyes Lucien who’s still standing in the shadows*

“He needs a good pestering and the Bruce agrees with me. It’s his job to keep him in line at least according to Shay.” *Seraphina winks at Livvy* “I’ll be right back with another.”

“I dinnae care what Shay says. He’s not a wolfhound, Seraphina.  And no dog alive has ever kept me in line…” *Lucien glowers at Seraphina’s retreating back.* “Incorrigible wench.  So I hear we’re supposed to be talking about Dakota’s new book?”

*Livvy nods, licking her lips as Lucien steps into the light* Oooooo, you’re wearing a kilt. Can I peek? I’ve always wanted to know what a true Scotsman wears under his kilt.

*confused look crosses Lucien’s face* “Ah….”

“Don’t even think about it, Lucien, Shay would be scandalized to know you were showing off your manly bits to strange muses.” *Seraphina arrives with two more tankards* “And I want to hear about this book. Shay has given me little tidbits about it. Something about sensation play?”

*giggles* Yep there’s plenty of sensation play. Master Gabriel loves it and so does Zhenya. *leans forward* But you know I’ve repeated this blurb thing over and over during the tour, so the readers can go HERE to check it out.  I’m much more interested in talking about the newest addition to Dakota’s world, her serial story, Analise’s Journey.  In fact, I’ve managed to convince the heroine and her bff to show up today. I figure it’s appropriate considering that Lena knows all the characters, and Analise just meet Gabriel…


“Did anyone ever tell you, lass, that yer a bit ADD?” *Lucien frowns at Muse*

*laughs outright* Of course. It’s my best quality.  Almost better than convincing my author that this grand prize package of Gabriel’s toy basket was a good idea…

“Did someone say toy basket?”  *a new Russian accented-voice came from behind Lucian.*

Yep. It has lotions, massage oil, candles for wax play, a scarf to restrain or blindfold with and even a pinwheel.  *Livvy stands, sending the Bruce to the floor* grandprize

YAP YAP YAP *the Bruce jumps on the new man*

“Damn it, Lucien don’t you have any control over this beast?”

“Not particularly.”

Lucien, who’s this hunk of man? *places hand on man’s chest*

“Nikolai Stavros – he’s the owner of Headonistic Tranquility and one of its resident Doms…”

Really? *brightens* Then your perfect. I have just the gal for you to meet, she’s exploring the lifestyle and should be here any minute…

*tinkle tinkle*

“I think this is the place, girl.”  *snow covered petite blonde named Lena steps into the tavern.* “I can’t believe Dakota okayed this but I’m all for a night out without the guys.”

“Me too. Frustrating men.”  *Dark-haired and svelte, Analise unbuttons her jacket revealing a dark leggings and peasant top*

And there she is. *waves hand* Analise, over here. I have a guy for you to meet.  He can probably answer your questions about the lifestyle…not to mention he’s sexier than hell with his close trimmed beard and rippling abs.

*Lucien groans, and Seraphina giggles at the muse’s antics* “This is not going to be good, wench.  I blame this on youse. Ye shouldn’t have given her that ale.”

*Seraphina places a hand on her hip* “I will not be blamed for this, Lucien. You were the one who invited Nikolai over tonight.”

*watches as Livvy introduces Analise and Lena to the other man* “But I wasn’t expecting the lass to set up one of her characters with one of mine. Damnation, we’re supposed to be talking about that book, not playing matchmaker.”

*grins at Lucien* “And isn’t Analise book being written right now? If I recall correctly, Shay mentioned that Analise’s Doms are supposed to be here in couple of days.  What are you gonna tell them when they find out Nikolai has run off with their woman?”

*curses soundly* “Like hell. I’ll not be telling them shit.  I’m putting a stop to this….” *stomps off after group who’ve disappeared upstairs with the Bruce yapping at his heels*

*sighs longingly*  “Sorry folks, since Lucien seems to have his hands full, it’s left to me to give you the rest of the information, Shay passed onto me.   Dakota is being a wonderful author and giving away the first four episodes of her serial tale, Analise’s Journey to one lucky commenter…and don’t forget your entry below with your email address will also enter you in the grand prize drawing as well.”


*stares up at the ceiling* “Oh that can’t be good.  I’ve got to go but be sure to check out Livvy’s next stop at Melissa MacKinnons.”  *runs for the stairs*

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7 comments on “Livvy Plays Matchmaker

  1. laura says:

    Love finding new books and author.

  2. shaymaclean says:

    Thank ye for visiting the Tavern, Ms. Dakota. Although I’m no’ sure I like that vixen ye call a muse running amok here. She like to stir things up too much for my tastes. ~Lucien

    • dakotatrace says:

      But…but….how can you not love her…well other than her driving everyone around her batty, she’s perfectly sane….well…maybe not. Thanks for putting up with her anyway,

  3. Julie Cole says:

    Wondering what happened upstairs! Hope no one get hurt. I fell like I am stalking Livvy and her friends. LOL

  4. June M. says:

    Oh, meeting up with characters from another series 🙂 I am going to really miss Livvy when this tour is over….she is fun!
    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

  5. bn100 says:

    Livvy sounds fun


  6. Gabrielle says:

    Great post! Enjoying the hop.

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