Welcome, Tamsin Baker!

Please welcome, Tamsin Baker to the Wicked Muse Tavern. She’s stopped by to talk about her debut novel. She’s also shared a juicy excerpt from Truth Be Told. Don’t forget to leave an interesting comment. She’s giving away a copy too. 🙂

Shay and Lucien

Hello fellow bloggers!

The lovely Shay and gorgeous Lucien invited me on, to tell you about my first ever published work! Release date- today!!! Squuueeee!

It’s an m/m, which for some people would probably be an unusual first choice, but I have loved m/m love stories for a long time. My love affair with m/m began fifteen years ago with the arrogant Brian Kinney and the talented Justin Taylor- if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you need to look up the Canadian version of Queer as Folk- BRILLIANT!

Whilst browsing publishers, as we do, I came across a submission call for m/m erotic romances between 20-45K. I decided to have a go, so to speak. I started writing about a closeted gay man, Patrick, who was a gorgeous top. Three paragraphs in, a bigger, gorgeous top arrived, and Liam became the second hero. Oh well, plans change I guess.

I asked for some help within my erotic writers group and the beautiful (and professional editor, which I didn’t realize at the time, gulp) Alysha Ellis offered to look at it for me. She loved it and was very encouraging on how to improve it.

When I offered it to Evernight publishing, I had a contract within three day and not even three months later, it is releasing, I’m pretty wrapt!

Allow me to share a snippet- perhaps a sex scene? If you will permit me.

Of course, I’ll give away a copy to the most original comment- put down your emails if you can. Otherwise, enjoy.

Here are my links if you wish to check out what I’m doing- I have lots of books due to come out soon… and of course the buy link because it is brilliant… smiles.




Warm hands cupped his arse and Patrick pushed his flesh back into Liam’s hands.

“You have the nicest arse. I want you again.”

Patrick’s flaccid cock began to stir as the hot words were forced into his ear.

“Well have me again.”

Patrick forced the idea of pain into the tiny corners of his brain, not allowing it to come out in the light of day. But as Liam stroked a finger into his crack and gently pushed his finger inside, he visibly winced and tensed all over.

“You’re really sore.”

A reluctant smile stretched across Patrick’s mouth. He had never had such a considerate lover before. Turning, so that the water ran down his back, he smiled in invitation and tilted his head back under the hot spray.

“You know I don’t bottom often. But if you want to keep seeing me, I’ll have to get used to it.”

The smile that Liam gave him was blinding. His perfect white teeth flashed, his eyes crinkled at the corners and his baby blues had stars in them.

“Oh, I definitely want to keep seeing you.”

Liam grabbed Patrick about the waist and hauled him back onto his body. The feeling was amazing. Hot water at his back, big aroused male and his own hard cock at his front. Maybe he could bottom again.

He sucked on Liam’s tongue, nipping at his bottom lip. He seriously has the best mouth, ever.

“Get clean, I want you to fuck me again.” Patrick stepped awkwardly out of the shower, and pushed Liam towards the water. “You need a bigger shower.”

If they shared a place, he would make sure the shower was big enough. Woah, hang on just a minute, if they lived together?

Patrick shook his head from side to side. Where had that thought come from? He dried himself quickly, then stopped. Remembering their conversation.

“How come you don’t pick up? I know what you said, but don’t you have guys throwing themselves at you every night?”

Liam chuckled beneath the water as he scrubbed his hair with shampoo. “My uncle and I made a pact that we wouldn’t ‘piss in our own pond’ so to speak. We wouldn’t pick up the guys that came to our bar.”

Liam picked up the soap and began to wash his hard cock and balls. Patrick was jealous of that soap.

“So you don’t usually pick up from Nine Lives?” He couldn’t believe it, though Liam had said the other night that it had been months for him too.

“Never.” Liam turned off the water and shook his head like a dog, water spraying everywhere.

He had to know. “But you let me pick you up.”

Liam laughed again and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel.

“I told my uncle you were the exception to the rule.” Liam shrugged and began rubbing himself down.

Patrick was a little overcome. He had thought he was the only one that felt this … this need to break all of his rules. He headed for the bedroom. Where is this going to go?

When he heard Liam’s footstep along the corridor he reached for the lube. He would need a lot this time.

Liam entered the bedroom looking concerned. “Patrick, I want you, but if you don’t, we can just suck each other off.”

He shook his head and leaned forward over the bed, placing both hands, palm down on the bed. Spreading his legs, he tilted his pelvis in invitation.

“No, I want to take you again. Just lube me up really well.”

Gentle hands curved on his arse and Patrick couldn’t stop the shiver that shook his whole body. Liam reached between his legs and cupped his balls, squeezing them gently.

Patrick was aching now, not only in the cock but in his arse. He felt empty, wanting, a first for him.

“Liam,” he moaned and dropped his chest closer to the bed, exposing his body for his lover.

“What do you want Patrick?” Liam’s voice would have been taunting if it wasn’t so laced with desire. Patrick just moaned in response, he wasn’t very good at the sex talk stuff.

“Do you want me to pull you off?” Liam reached around his body and began to tug on his cock in a manner sure to make him come.

“Yes, but fuck me too.” Patrick spoke softly, almost embarrassed to admit that he really wanted this. It was one thing to bottom for the pleasure of your partner, but another thing to admit out loud that you really wanted an arse fucking.

“How do you want it, Patrick? Tell me.”

He could hear foil ripping and couldn’t believe the wave of relief that passed through him when he realized how close he was to getting fucked. He really wanted this.

Squeezing his eyes tight, he opened his mouth and thought out loud, saying the words that would key his lover into his inner most desire.

“I want you to ram that huge perfect cock into me over and over again. Hard and deep until I come all over the sheets.”

Big hands spread a lot of lube over his hole before grabbing his cheeks and pulling them apart. “Like this?”

That was all the warning he got before he was impaled in one smooth thrust. It hurt, really hurt, but he fought to relax, to focus on the pleasure.

“Pull yourself gently, I can’t reach easily.”

Patrick heard the strained words and blindly reached for his dick. He stroked himself gently, pleasure shooting along his spine as the burning eased. What a clever lover he had.

“Move, Liam.”

He thrust his buttocks up and waited for his huge lover to move. He didn’t.

“What’s wrong?”

Patrick looked over his shoulder and saw Liam behind him, head tilted back, eyes closed and jaw clenched; a muscle in his jaw angrily ticking away.

“Liam, what’s …” He went to stand up but Liam gripped his pelvis, holding him down.

He watched as Liam lowered his head and looked directly at him, savage passion unleashed in his eyes.

“I’m afraid I’m going to hurt you. I want to fuck you, like, really fuck you.”

“How? Tell me.”

Patrick clenched purposefully around his lover’s dick, and Liam surged forward. He groaned as Liam’s balls slapped against his. Patrick found nothing more erotic than that.

“I want to …” Liam stopped talking again and Patrick sighed, wanting to comfort his lover somehow, but not knowing what to say.

Instead, he brought his chest down onto the mattress and pushed his arse into Liam’s groin.

“Fuck me and talk to me, Liam. Tell me everything you want to do to me while you make me blow again.”

A growl sounded behind him and he jerked on his cock. This was going to be an awesome ride.

Liam pulled back slowly then slammed back into him. Pleasure tinged with pain ran down Patrick’s body, his legs already tingling with his impending orgasm.

“Tell me lover, please.”

It was so unlike Liam not to talk during sex, it was discomforting. Liam pulled Patricks arse cheeks apart and began to move steadily.

“Patrick, I want to fuck you so hard and so deep that you won’t sit down for a week without thinking of me.”

Liam was fucking him with slow, deep, penetrating strokes now, increasing the speed as the words spilled out of him. This was not a slow burn of passion, or even a quick fuck to relieve some tension, this was possession. Patrick closed his eyes, let go of his cock, and let Liam’s magic weave its spell.

“I want to please you more than any lover you’ve ever had. I want to fuck you so good that you’ll never want anyone else …” Liam broke off as his real emotion began to show. Patrick squeezed his eyes shut more as they burned with unshed tears.

“Fuck, I can’t be gentle, and I know you need gentle. I’m sorry.”

The blinding pleasure was building in Patrick’s balls, he felt them squeezing tight. He didn’t want gentle, he wanted to belong to someone and to know they wanted him more than anyone.

He reached up to his hip where Liam’s hand gripped him and interlinked their fingers. Liam squeezed his hand tight and moved even faster.

“I don’t want gentle. Fuck, don’t stop.”

An animalistic groan escaped his lips as he blew his load all over his stomach and the bed, the pleasure immeasurable. Only one thrust later, Liam joined him in bliss, screaming his pleasure for the whole neighborhood to hear.


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