Dakota Trace’s Xenres Sins Ruthless Book Tour

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“So where’s that sexy muse of yours?”  Livvy bats her eyes at Seraphina as she bellies up to the bar.

Seraphina who was wiping down the bar actually flushed. “You’re insane, Livvy, if you think I’m claiming his stubborn ass.  But then he’s had too much time on his hands and has been driving Shay crazy.  Evidently he has some wild idea for Christmas that involves triplets or something.”

“Really?”  Livvy leaned forward, her interest obviously peaked. “It wouldn’t have to do anything with the call that my slave is writing for would it?”

Serphafina shrugs.  “Maybe. Is it for Loose?”

Livvy nods. “Yep.  I’ve been after Dakota for some time to write something for them. But stubborn wench she is, she keeps giving me excuse after excuse why she can’t.  The last one was something about it being too hot outside to be thinking about Christmas.” *shakes head* “Doesn’t she realize resistence is futile.  I will have my way in the end.”

Serphafina chuckles. “Now you sound like Lucien.”

“Did someone mention me name?”  From the shadows, Lucien stepped up to the bar.  “Mistress Livvy. Good to see ya again. Ye know…you are becoming a permanent fixture at the tavern as of late. Should I be worried?” *Lucien looks around*  “Speaking of which, where is yer author at?  Our deal was that you’re only allowed to come here if she is here to chaperon yer wild ways.”

“Aw, she’s babysitting the most adorable baby girl at the moment so sends her apologies.”  *Livvy shrugs*  “But get the worried look off your face.  She sent a character to keep me in line…” Leans forward. “And just between you and me….he scares me more than Dad does. I don’t know what I was thinking when I agreed to let Asha see the light of day…”

The old fashioned bell over the door rang out as a tall, dark, swarthy man stepped inside. Scanning the room, the man was suddenly beside her in the blink of an eye. He’d moved so fast even Lucien seemed to be taken back.

“What…and who is he?”

*a slow smile crossed Livvy’s face*  “This is Asha.  He’s one of the co-owners of Xenres Sins.  It’s a gambling hall in Dushanbe.”  She leaned closer to Lucien, running her hand up his chest. “But he’s also the baddest ass vampyre in Tajikstan.”

Lucien cocked an eyebrow at her. “You brought a blood thirsty vamp into my tavern? Are ye insane? What if he starts  biting people?”

*sighs*  “Why do people keep asking me that?”

Asha draws up to his full height, all six foot six of him. “I don’t bite anyone but Eryk. Once a vamp mates only his true mate can feed him.”

*Lucien harrumphed*

Asha glared at Livvy. “I could be home with my mate.  I can’t believe I let Dakota talk me into babysitting your ass.”


“What the hell is that?”  Asha spun on his heels as a flurry of fur crossed the room nearly as fast as he had.  As the yipping dachshund jumped up on Asha’s leg he caught the dog by the scruff the neck, cradling him gently despite his confusion.

“The Bruce.”  Lucien chuckled. “Welcome to my nightmare.”

Asha cocked his head, staring into the liquid brown eyes of the dog. “The animal has the soul of a great wolfhound.”

Lucien groaned. “Not you too…he’s a nuisance. Always tearing up me kilts and dragging my leather pants back to his bed.”

Asha grinned. “Can’t blame the hound. He has good taste.”  Crouching down, he set the dachshund back down on the floor, petting the dog.

Livvy elbows Lucien.  “See I told you he was dangerous.”  *Livvy turns to face the readers* “And with that being said…lets get to the good stuff…the giveaway and yummy excerpt….”

To Enter to Win one of the two copies of Ruthless…answer this question (the answer will be in the excerpt).

Question: What is the first thing Asha does when playing cards that proves how ruthless he actually is?

Then place the answer it the rafflecopter form below. Dakota will be drawing the winner on her blog on Sunday.


Welcome to Xenres. Located in the heart of Dushanbe, a person can indulge in any sin imaginable, which is exactly what Eryk Solie has set out to do. As a lone Arctic wolf shifter in a foreign country, he longs for something more than mindless one night stands with men who could never completely understand him. Intuition and a tip from a local leads him to Xenres. Inside the notorious gambling hall, he finds his mate, one of the owners of the club. Too bad the man is considered to be one of the most ruthless vampyres in the district. To win a night in his mate’s arms, Eryk will have to lose at a game of chance.

Asha Talavi not only co-owns the darkest gambling haunt in town, he’s also a self-made vampyre. His ruthless nature has gotten him everything he’s ever wanted including the sexy wolf shifter who dared to accept his challenge over a hand of cards. But even after Asha claims his mate, there is treachery a foot in the form of a former lover. And when Eryk returns the following evening, he tracks down his mate to only find the man with another, claiming he doesn’t remember him, or their wager and mating. Only an ancient ritual will tell if Eryk’s love will be a match for Asha’s ruthlessness and which shifter will in the end claim Asha.



Eryk barely contained his wolf as time seemed to slow down. His sharp wolf eyes caught the flick of every card as Asha expertly dealt each of them five cards. Without a doubt in his body, he knew exactly who the man in front of him was. Even if it hadn’t been for the vampyre’s outrageous bet, he’d have been able to distinguish between Asha and his partner, Kiarad. While many said ruthlessness and greed went hand in hand, and the traits were nearly interchangeable, he could spot the subtle difference lurking in Asha’s eyes. Greed was wanting everything around a person, where ruthlessness was akin to determination. And it was determination he saw in his mate’s lusty expression. The man wanted the prize, an unbridled night of passion, but he wanted to best Eryk just as much.

The combination was potent, setting a fire in Eryk’s loins. Reaching for his cards, he slowly arranged them to his liking. Two aces, a five of clubs and two tens. He could try for a full house and probably get it, but the question was did he truly want to trounce his mate in cards? His pride demanded yes, even as his wolf grumbled about letting the vampyre win. But the human side of him, the one who longed for the touch of a lover, wanted to forfeit right then and there. To toss all the cards away and beg for his mate to claim him. Unfortunately as majority ruled, his pride and wolf over ruled his human side, and told him to go for it. To show his mate he was not to be trifled with, that he was more than a match for Asha.

Tossing away the five of clubs, he met Asha’s dark gaze. “Hit me.”

“If only,” Asha murmured, while his narrow elegant hands easily dealt him another card. Then he tossed two of his own cards out in the discard pile. “The dealer takes two.” Then he gave himself two cards. Eryk’s sharp eyes caught the sleight of hand as he pulled two cards from the bottom of the deck.

Well I’ll be…the bastard is actually cheating. Instead of pissing him off, it shifted something inside of him. The wolf, who knew no right from wrong, approved of the small deception. The idea Asha would resort to such under-handed tactics to claim him had Eryk’s priorities shifting. He no longer wanted to win. He wanted to see just how ruthless the man would be. Would Asha try to lure him into showing his hand, or would the man try to distract him in an effort to win? Or instead would he be straight forward and try to bluff?

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5 comments on “Dakota Trace’s Xenres Sins Ruthless Book Tour

  1. Hi Dakota,
    the book sounds wonderful, i can hardly wait to see what happens next. the cover is gorgeous too. did you design it yourself?
    thank you for the chance at such a great giveaway.

    tammy ramey

  2. Julie Cole says:

    Asha cheats by dealing himself cards from the bottom of the deck.

  3. meingee says:

    Asha deals himself cards from the bottom of the deck.

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