The Wicked Muse Tavern Welcomes Imogene Nix!

Vampires and Witches and their evolution in popular media.

I love delving into the psyche of people. Particularly those who tell me (and yes I know someone in particular) that Vampire are a mere shadow of their former being. Sure, literature has seen an evolution in the beings we call vampires, but I like to think that’s a good thing.

In 1976 Ann Rice released Interview With A Vampire on an unsuspecting public. Since then we’ve seen Angel, Acheron (do I reallyInterviewWAVampire have to tell you who he is??) and of course, the Count on Sesame Street. Each of these pivotal characters have helped to reshape our understanding of vampires.

See, without such evolution, nothing changes. Nothing stays the same and we read the same old every day. Now does that sound inspiring to you?

But witches have also had the opportunity to experience a similar evolution.

GlendatheGoodWitchThink back to Salem. That was only a couple of hundred years ago when we were burning or dunking them. Yeah… But in popular media there has been a change coming. Glinda from Wizard of Oz is one of the earliest in popular media to perpetrate the concept that not all witches are evil.

Since then, there has been an amazing array of books and movies that have pushed those boundaries further. Look at Charmed, Bewitched and of course, we can’t forget Hermoine Granger from Harry Potter. All of these have helped in the growth of witches from two dimensional bad women to strong and well defined heroines.

Now I’m willing to bet, your wondering what this has to do with the Illuminated Witch, right?

Javed is not ancient, but he is refined in a way that can only happen with centuries of existence. He’s respectful (sexy) and well educated (Did I also say sexy?)

But one thing he can’t have is humanity and a partner. Why? Because he’s a modern well adjusted man who just happens to be a vampire. That is until he meets Celina and everything he thinks he knows changes.

She’s a witch with no idea of what she is, let alone the power that she can control. Of course, nothing is simple in this world. If it was it wouldn’t be believable, would it?

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed my potted version of how media has changed the concepts of witches and humans. This is a major topic (and yes there have actually been studies looking into this…

If you like vampires and witches then you might just like…

… The Illuminated Witch.





The Wicked Muse Tavern Welcomes Dakota Trace



*bounces into tavern*  “Lucien, I’m hoommmee!” *calls out using her Ricky Ricardo impersonation.*


*scans the interior*  For once the tavern was dark – almost unwelcoming – and there was no sign of Seraphina, the sassy barmaid, The Bruce, the trusty mascot, Master Arthur, the mostly silent barkeep or even Lucien, Shay’s secretive muse.

“Okay where the hell is everyone at?”

Behind her, Bryan bumps into her – nearly dropping the large box of chocolate truffles. “What did you stop for?”

*glares over shoulder* “Because there’s no one here.  How are we supposed to pimp out slave’s book when the place is deserted?”

Bryan peeked over her shoulder. “Hmmm. Are you sure no one is here?”

“Subby boy, I’m not fn blind. Do you see anyone?” *jabs him with her elbow.*

“Actually – isn’t there a light on behind the bar?”   He nodded toward the small serving window.  “That’s a kitchen isn’t it?”

*scowls*  “I saw enough of that kitchen to last me a lifetime. I ain’t going in there.”

Arches a brow at stubborn muse. “Why not?”

*stomps foot* “Because there be dishes inside there. And they multiply worse than them damned bunnies.”

“I’ve heard about your past exploits with dishes. Maybe you’ll think twice about pissing off Dakota?” Chuckles, before moving around the muse. “But all joking aside, if I promise you don’t have to wash a single spoon, will you come?”

*gives him a leery look* “No dishes?”

“No, dishes – scouts honor.”

*Arches brow*  “You were a scout?”

“Amongst other things.”  Taking Livvy by her arm, he guided her toward the kitchen.   As soon as she passed through – a loud “SURPRISE!”  shook the room.

“What the…” *freezes*   Around the kitchen, sitting on every available surface were not only the Doms of Chicago, but their submissives as well.

Caelan was leaning against the commercial fridge, with Nisey nestled against his side.  Kalinda was perched on the butcher block island between her Doms, Josh and Dominic.  Mistress Olivia, complete with her flogger was lounging against the sink, while her subs, Jude and Micah placed a large cake on the counter.  Jackson and Rena were coming out of the freezer with a gallon of ice cream, while Hark and Diachi argued in the corner over whether chocolate ice cream was better than vanilla. Even Master Alistair was there – fresh from Ireland, along with his wife and sub, Myrna.

“I can’t believe…”

“What? That we got them all in one place?”  Seraphina smiled as she set down a stack of plates.

“But anytime they all get together, I usually end up…” *a whimper built in her throat*

“Not tonight. Tis a celebration. Relax, lass.”  The familiar Scottish burr filled her ear. “Dakota thought it would be nice for a change to reward ye, instead of punish ye at the end of the tour.”

*swallows* “Slave did this?”

“Aye.  So why don’t ye go over and join them.”  He gave her a gentle nudge. “And I’ll tell everyone about the giveaways.”

*stumbles* “Are you sure?”

Glowers.  “Unless ye want to do dishes again…”

*Squeals* “I’m going, I’m going.”

*sighs* “Okay. I’m Lucien, Mistress Shay’s muse. And while Livvy is enjoying cake and ice cream with her grateful characters, I’ll be telling ye about the contest Mistress Dakota is having.”  Clears throat. “This being the seventh day, she’s giving away a copy of Gabriel’s Light. All ye have to do is enter yer name and email address below.”   Scratches head.  “Seems simple enough.”

“And don’t forget about the grand prize.” Bryan hands the truffles to Lucien. “You’re supposed to share those with your author.”

“Maybe…”  Picks up a truffle and shoves into mouth. A low moan rumbles free from him. “Or maybe not…mo drùiseil sgrìobhadair doesn’t need these – they are just simply awful.”

Shakes head at antics. “Muses and there chocolate.”

“Tis the golden rule –“ If Bryan didn’t know better Lucien actually looked defensive.

“Yeah, yeah. Thou shalt not come between a muse and their glorious chocolate.” *shakes head* “Anyway.  Be sure to enter the number on the meme card below for a chance to win a complete set of the Doms of Chicago at tomorrow’s WRAP-UP Party. So be sure to stop by.” *glances over shoulder*  “And now I think I’m going to join the party. Thanks for stopping by.”





Author note:

Thanks to the lovely Ms. Shay for allowing my crazy muse to stop by with her usual antics. For those who are interested…below is a blurb and buy links for Healing Hark which released last Friday.  And don’t forget to stop by A Little Bit of Naughty tomorrow for another chance to enter for the grand prize drawing.

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 Can their love survive healing him?

Despite being in a long-term relationship with his Master and lover, Diachi Rai, CEO Bryan Sterling is feeling restless, and it all has to do with his Master’s former submissive. Ever since Harkalone “Hark” Akula entered their home, Bryan’s life has been turned upside down. He’s acting out, standing up to his master – even courting punishment. All because of his need to help Hark.

Diachi is a man of many secrets, and Hark happens to be one of his darkest. As his first submissive, Hark was partially responsible for molding him into the powerful but discerning Dom he’s become. But when he was unable to give Hark what he needed, Diachi let Hark go, rather than share him. Now Hark is back, scarred and darker than Diachi could ever remember him being, and in dire need of a healing touch.

Hark is at the end of his tether. After losing his family: his Dom, their submissive and child along with his home, all he wants is to be left alone, not dropped in his former master’s lap like a child. But now that he’s there, he’s not only tempted by Diachi and Bryan, he’s also being drawn into their world. The question now, is will he be able to stay?



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