Ahh. I see you decided to wander through the Tavern to see what secrets you might find. *glances around* Just don’t let Lucien find you snooping around. He gets a bit annoyed when people start traipsing around here without an invitation to do so.

Having said that, let me be the first to welcome you to the Tavern’s Library. Not something you’d usually find in a tavern, I know. But then again, the Wicked Muse isn’t you’re normal run of the mill watering hole either. So please feel free to have a look around. Grab a book off a shelf (we’ll be adding more as soon as I can get them done) and find a cozy place to rest awhile. I promise I won’t tell Lucien you’re here. As long as you don’t tell him I said you could stay as long as you’d like that is. Deal?

Great. Then please enjoy.


Mahalo! (Thank you in Hawaiian)



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